Why Proper Dryer Venting is Essential


Every clothes dryer should vent outside. Otherwise, you compromise the appliance’s efficiency as well as your family’s safety. Let’s take a closer look at why proper dryer venting is essential:

1. Dryer efficiency

To keep your clothes dryer running at peak efficiency, it’s important that your duct leads outside. All dryer vents collect lint over time. When dryer exhaust doesn’t make it all the way outside, the vent can become a crowded, mushy, humid mess. This makes it more difficult for your appliance to fully dry your clothes.

2. Safety

Without proper dryer venting, lint can build up in your vent pipes and at the bottom of your dryer. Once it dries it, becomes a fire hazard. Keep your family safe from this hazard by directing the exhaust outside.

3. Cleanliness

In addition to being dangerous, improper dryer venting can create a big old mess. For one thing, dryer lint will have nowhere to go, and will simply settle wherever it can find a spot. Perhaps more importantly, the excess humidity can lead to mold and rot. You don’t want to have to clean up the room after every dryer cycle!

If you do have proper dryer venting, be sure to have it cleaned out by a professional regularly. Few people realize that dryer vent duct cleaning significantly reduces the risk of a dryer vent fire and improves the efficiency of the dryer.

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