Why Just Cleaning Your Home Isn’t Enough


Most of us have already completed our spring cleaning by now. Spick and span, right? Wrong. If you didn’t have your air ducts professionally cleaned, then your home is likely to be dirtier than you realize.

Why Just Cleaning Your Home Isn't Enough

Here’s why just cleaning your home isn’t enough:

Winter is tough on a home. In an effort to stay warm, we seal up the house and shut out fresh air. We remain inside as often as possible, and we may even keep our pets cooped up. The result? A buildup of dust, dander and other debris inside of our air ducts.

It all gets recirculated. Opening our windows, sweeping the floor and dusting off shelves can only do so much. All the junk that accumulates in your air ducts will eventually make its way back into your living space.

Now’s the time for air duct cleaning. Before you switch on your air conditioning, it’s important to have your air ducts cleaned. Otherwise, you’ll cancel out any spring cleaning you’ve done! What’s more frustrating than cleaning for no reason?

Call EnviroGreen Boston for air duct cleaning, mold removal, and more: (844) 775-7700. We look forward to making your home cleaner than you thought possible!

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