Why It’s Important to Keep Your Attic Vents Clean

Few people realize that the condition of their attic vents
can affect the air quality throughout their home. Moreover, because attic crawl
spaces are not always easy to get to, homeowners often forget about them. Here’s
why it’s important to keep your attic vents clean:

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It’s simple

When done right, it’s not difficult to clean your attic
vents. The professionals at EnviroGreen Boston are experienced in cleaning out
clogs to let air flow once again. At the bottom of your attic are holes called
soffit vents. These holes allow air to flow into the attic, and holes up above
allow that air to flow outside.
It helps control your
home’s temperature

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Once your attic vents are unclogged, you have more control
over the air temperature within your house. This means that you’ll be able to
keep your home warmer in the winter months and cooler during the summer.
It decreases energy

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If your attic ventilation is not working properly, your home
is likely experiencing a buildup of excess heat throughout the summer. How does
this affect your home? It makes it harder to keep it cool when you need it
most. It also forces you to consume more energy, leading to higher energy
costs. Having EnviroGreen Boston clean your attic vents regularly will help
lower your utility bills.
It improves indoor
air quality

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Cleaning out your attic ventilation will help keep nasty pollutants
out of your home. When air can flow freely, debris and dust will move out of
your home – not into it. Family members who suffer from allergies or asthma can
breathe easier when allergens and pollutants are removed.
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