What Causes Attic Mold?


Do you have mold in your attic? If you’ve noticed a musty smell or spotted stains, you might be wondering what causes attic mold. Let’s take a look at some of the most common sources of mold that forms in a home’s attic.

1. Poor ventilation

Here in Massachusetts, when homeowners fire up the heat for winter, warm air escapes through the attic. According to HGTV, in attics that aren’t properly ventilated, the meeting of hot air and a cold roof can form condensation. When that moisture drips throughout the attic, mold can form just about anywhere.

2. Exhaust fans

If a bathroom or kitchen exhaust fan is vented into your attic, mold could begin to grow. These exhaust systems are designed to pump moisture away from your home, not into it! Contact EnviroGreen Boston for a free inspection to determine whether or not an exhaust fan could be causing mold growth in your attic.

3. Attic bypasses

This source of moisture is sometimes difficult to detect. Attic bypasses are leaks in your attic through which warm, moist air from your home can seep. Again, when you call EnviroGreen Boston for a free inspection, we’ll help you figure out if attic bypasses are causing mold to grow.

The skilled technicians of EnviroGreen Boston treat mold with an EPA-registered, non-toxic, chemical-free, botanical fungistat and disinfectant that kills 99.99 percent of harmful molds. We are so confident in our products and their results that we offer a 1 Year Warranty against mold re-growth. If the mold comes back, we will re-treat for FREE.

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