Water Damage Repairs from EvnviroGreen Boston

Your home may have the best available HVAC system, but a lack of maintenance can result in a growth of organic matter in the ductwork. This organic matter can grow and lead to water damage in the system and the surrounding structures. Luckily, water damage in the ductwork can be treated and EnviroGreen Boston is here to help!

If water damage is found during an HVAC cleaning, the technician will recommend a treatment option. An all-natural, botanical-based, anti-microbial treatment can be applied to the surface of the system. The ductwork will then be coated using a fogger to remediate the odor.

Suspect Water Damage in Your home?
  • Do not touch the suspected area with bare hands.
  • Do not breathe in any odors from the suspected area.
  • Contact your local water damage repair expert if you believe there is water damage.

If you’re not sure whether or not you have water damage, we can come to your home to perform a visual survey. We will check for fungal problems in suspected and specific areas.

Visual Survey:
  1. Water Damage Repairs from EvnviroGreen BostonWalking around the suspected problem areas.
  2. Walking through and to the areas of concern.
  3. Viewing the areas, using a flashlight, to highlight any suspected water damage.
  4. Taking moisture readings of the suspected areas, including the walls, floors, and ceiling surfaces to detect moisture intrusion.
  5. Taking temperature and relative humidity readings to determine if they fall within ASHRAE recommendations.
  6. Providing an estimate for any water damage repairs by industry standards.

    (The visual survey will take about 30-45 minutes)

If you suspect that you have water damage in your ductwork and in the surrounding areas, don’t hesitate. Acting early is best to ensure full removal of any possible growth. To have your ductwork inspected and cleaned, give EnviroGreen Boston a call at (844) 775-7700!

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