Tips to Prevent Home Fires


Home fires occur more regularly than you might think. Since there are so many different ways that a fire can start within your home you should be aware of all the preventative measures. Knowing what causes a fire is the first step in keeping your home and family safe.

The Kitchen
Most house fires start because a person will leave the kitchen while they are cooking. All it takes is a few seconds of no supervision for a stovetop to ignite the food it’s cooking or an object that’s close by. While you are cooking you should also remember to not wear loose clothing and to keep kids and pets a few feet away from the appliance.

The first rule of smoking is to not smoke at all, but if you do then you should always smoke outside, away from the house. When you put the cigarette out make sure it’s in an ashtray and that all of the ashes have been completely put out before going back inside. Keep the ashtrays away from anything that may be flammable, like patio furniture made from wicker or ones with cushions.

All appliances have electrical cords which can eventually become frayed, exposing the wires within. Replace worn and damaged wires to prevent any type of spark that could lead to a fire. Appliances need a lot more energy than other electronics so avoid using extension cords. Other than the stove, the dryer is the number one appliance to cause home fires due to the excessive lint buildup that it can experience. Be sure to empty the lint filter after every load of laundry and to have the dryer vents professionally cleaned roughly once per year.

House fires can take your home away from you in a matter of seconds so it’s best to know how to prevent these horrible disasters from happening. When you need a professional to clean that dangerous and combustible lint from your dryer, contact the experts from EnviroGreen Boston. To learn more, or to schedule a free estimate, give us a call at (844) 775-7700.

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