Things You Should Avoid Storing in Your Attic

Why throw something important out when you can place it in an area that is out of sight, out of mind? The attic is a space in your home that is perfect for storage. While it’s convenient, you don’t want to keep everything you own up there. Here’s a few things to avoid storing in your attic.

The attic is a perfect place for rodents and insects to inhabit. Storing expensive linens or curtains here could expose them to these animals. Whether they chew right through them or leave droppings on them, it would be best to leave them downstairs. Some people also like to store their winter clothes during the summer, and vice versa. Put them in a spare closet instead to avoid an eclipse of moths in your wardrobe.

Things You Should Avoid Storing in Your AtticWooden Furniture
It’s tempting to store old furniture in the attic after new pieces are purchased. If the furniture is wooden, think again. Mold and mildew will sprout on wood if it is exposed to moisture for extended periods of time, like in a humid attic space. Furniture could also be exposed to any roof leaks, which will speed up the mold and water damage process. Store wooden furniture in a dry and cool storage space.

Important Documents
Some of the most important things we own are pieces of paper whether it’s birth certificates, medical records, marriage licenses, or the deed to your home. Openly storing them in the attic can expose them to roof leaks, moisture, and extreme heat. This can cause mold growth, discoloration, and smeared writing, making documents illegible. Be sure to file your important documents in a sealed plastic container on a shelf or in a closet. How are you going to sell your leaky home if the buyer can’t read the smudged deed?

(You Don’t) Gotta Let It Burn
This one should be a no-brainer. Paint, cleaning products, propane, and turpentine should never be stored in the attic. Attics can become extremely hot and are sometimes home to appliance fixtures like the furnace. Hot areas with fixtures that produce heat should never be surrounded by flammable items. Those two things just don’t go together!

Go ahead and store your possessions in your attic, but take the time to figure out what doesn’t belong up there. If your attic has already been compromised with mold growth and water damage, then you should avoid storing anything until the issue is resolved. To rid your attic of these problems, trust the experts at EnviroGreen Boston! With chemical-free disinfectants, we will clear any water damage and mold from your home. Get your free estimate today by calling up (844) 775-7700.

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