The Right Way to Clean Your Attic

attic cleaning

Homeowners that are lucky enough to have an attic space should utilize it to its full potential. Whether they decide to finish it and use it as a livable room or use it as a storage space, one thing is for sure — all attics should be clean. Otherwise, commonly found irritants will build up and wreak havoc on your indoor air quality.

Before you get down and dirty with cleaning your attic space, make sure you wear the proper attire. Goggles, a disposable respirator, rubber gloves, and clothing that covers all of your skin are all recommended when working in areas that have a lot of dust and possible mold. Start by cleaning out and organizing any belongings that currently reside in this space. Throw away garbage, recycle or donate items you will no longer use, and label and neatly store items you wish to keep.

Now that you’ve cut down on the amount of items in your attic, start removing the caked on dust that surely sits atop of every surface. Grab your vacuum and begin sucking up all of the dust from top to bottom. Start with the ceiling, beams, and rafters; making your way downward to make sure any dust that kicks up into the air will settle onto the floor. Remember to move items around so you can suck up as much dust as possible.

Removing Mold
Throughout your cleaning adventure, keep an eye out for mold. Mold removal should be left to the professionals as the touching of it can cause the fungi to spread. Surfaces containing mold need to be scrubbed down (or removed if possible) and resurfaced with mold inhibiting paint. To prevent mold from coming back, contact a roofing company to discuss your roof repair and ventilation options.

Whether you decide to refinish your attic or you just use it for storage, this space should be cleaned every year to prevent mold from growing and your air quality from dropping. For professional attic cleaning, contact EnviroGreen Boston. To learn more, or to schedule a free estimate, give us a call at (844) 775-7700.

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