The Importance of a Crawl Space Vapor Barrier


Most people aren’t very familiar with the ins and outs of their crawl space, so if you’re not sure what a vapor barrier is, you’re not alone. A crawl space vapor barrier is a high density material that prohibits water vapor from passing through it. Let’s talk about what makes crawl space vapor barriers so important.

Crawl space vapor barriers are designed to cover the ground floor and prevent water vapor from evaporating out of the soil. This is important because when water vapor escapes, it can lead to mold, odors and bugs within your crawl space. Furthermore, that moisture can seep into your living space, too!

However, a crawl space vapor barrier should only be installed after any ground water problems have been corrected.

Water vapor is always evaporating from the ground. If the crawl space floor looks dry, water vapor evaporation is still occurring. A vapor barrier is the easiest and most cost effective way to stop this problem. Did you know that a good vapor barrier can reduce humidity by up to 30 percent?

The experts of EnviroGreen Boston take crawl space vapor barrier installation to the next level. For example, in crawl spaces with slopes, we pin the material with ground stakes to keep it in place.

Understanding all of the problems that are occurring in your crawl space and why is extremely important when recommending a vapor barrier. Don’t trust just anyone. EnviroGreen Boston’s crawl space specialists will inspect your crawl space from corner to corner. Then, we’ll provide you the best and most cost-effective solutions. Dial (844) 775-7700 to learn more!

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