The 2 Key Components to Air Duct Cleaning

The experts at EnviroGreen Boston consistently invest in the
most up-to-date technology and air duct cleaning equipment. Our priority is to
eliminate dirt, bacteria, dust and debris from your air ducts. Let’s discuss
the two key components to air duct cleaning:
1. Breaking Contaminants Loose

The first step to cleaning out your air duct system is to
remove the sources of contamination. Our trained professionals use one or more
agitation devices to loosen the contaminants from the surfaces of your air
We use brushes, air whips and compressed air nozzles to loosen up
buildup and pollutants. We can also use hand brushes and vacuums to agitate the

2. Collecting Contaminants

Once the contaminants have been broken up, the EnviroGreen
Boston team must collect them. We place the entire air duct system under
continuous negative pressure or a HEPA-filtered vacuum, which prevents the
spread of contaminants. Particles are removed from your air-conditioning system
bas they become airborne. This ensures that they are not released into your
home when you turn your air-conditioning system back on.
Want to learn more about EnviroGreen Boston’s air duct
cleaning process? Read our FAQs
for an in-depth look at what air duct cleaning is, why it’s important and more.

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