Should You Close Your Crawl Space Vents for Winter?


Your home’s crawl space is equipped with vents to allow outside air to circulate through your home. In the summertime, these vents play an important role in preventing moisture buildup, mildew and rot. However, as cold air makes its way in, you might be wondering whether or not you should closer your crawl space vents for winter. Here’s why you should:

To prevent frozen pipes

If you leave your crawl space vents open this winter, you could end up with frozen pipes. This Old House recommends plugging up crawl space vents with foam blocks. Just make sure you remember to remove the plugs once spring arrives!

To stop snow from entering

Closing your crawl space vent in time for winter will ensure that snow and moisture from melting snow stay out. If your crawl space becomes too damp, it can lead to a number of issues, ranging from mold to rot. Furthermore, the moisture can cause humidity inside your home!

To keep your home cozy

Thanks to stack effect, when cold air enters through your home’s crawl space, it can make your house difficult to warm up. Keeping the vents closed throughout winter allows you to have more control over your home’s temperature.

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