Our Mold Visual Survey Process


Mold growth in your air duct system can taint the quality of your home’s air. Airborne mold spores can hurt your eyes and lungs, and can cause allergic reactions and discomfort. If you suspect that there’s mold in your duct work, it can be treated. First, though, EnviroGreen Boston will have to perform a visual survey. Here’s what our mold visual survey process looks like:

  • Walking around the suspected problem area(s)
  • Walking through and to the areas of concern
  • Viewing the area with a flashlight to highlight the suspected mold contamination or condition
  • Taking moisture readings of the structure such as walls, floors, and/or ceiling surfaces to detect moisture intrusion
  • Taking temperature and relative humidity readings to determine if they fall within ASHRAE recommendations
  • Providing an Instant Mold Test that will provide a pass/fail for microbial contamination
  • Providing an estimate for remediation by industry standards [S-520]

Through EnviroGreen Boston’s visual survey for mold, you can be sure that any and all fungal problems within your system will be identified. If mold is found, our technicians will use a fogger – an electric device that coats the duct work with a mold-fighting solution – to remediate the mold.

Have questions about our mold visual survey process? Call EnviroGreen Boston toll-free today at (844) 775-7700.
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