How You Should Be Cleaning Your Dryer

dryer vent cleaning

Did you know that people will bring dryer lint with them when they go camping because it’s an excellent fire starter? If something this combustible is a by-product of your dryer, don’t you think you should be cleaning it on a routine basis? To avoid having your dryer cause a house fire, here’s how you should be cleaning your dryer:

Exhaust Cleaning
Lint can oftentimes build up in the exhaust duct that is connected to your dryer. In order to clean out the lint from the exhaust duct, shut of the gas and unplug your appliance. Remove the dryer from against the wall and disconnect the exhaust duct. Use a long-bristled brush to clean out as much lint as you can and suck it all up with a vacuum. Do this until you have removed as much lint as possible.

Lint Trap Cleaning
Cleaning the lint filter is recommended after each load of laundry, but you also want to clean out the trap. Remove the lint filter, soak it in warm water, and grab your long-bristled brush. Clear out the trap using your brush. Attach the long, skinny attachment to your vacuum and suck up as much lint as you can. Afterward, dry your lint filter and insert it back into your dryer.

Cleaning as Much as You Can
Removing lint from the inside of your dryer, the exhaust duct, and exhaust vent can be a difficult job as there are hard to reach areas and large amounts of the duct you might not be able to reach. In order to remove all of the lint from the entire dryer system, hiring a professional is recommended. It’s possible that you could loosen or miss a large portion of lint, which could cause it to combust in the near future.

Clearing your dryer of its built up lint will help this appliance perform more efficiently while also avoiding the chances of starting a house fire. When you need a professional to clean out the lint from your dryer system, contact EnviroGreen Boston. To learn more, or to schedule a free estimate, give us a call at (844) 775-7700.

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