How We Remove Mold from Air Ducts


The thought of mold growing in your air ducts is a scary idea! If your heating, ventilation and air conditioning mechanical systems are insufficiently maintained, their metallic surfaces can provide the organic matter mold needs to grow.

At EnviroGreen Boston, our trained technicians specialize in removing these harmful toxins. If you suspect that mold is somewhere within your home or building, be sure to follow these few steps:

  1. Never touch the mold or any wet items with bare hands
  2. Make sure you don’t breathe in the potentially harmful odors
  3. Most importantly, contact a water damage repair expert

When the EnviroGreen Boston team arrives, we perform a 30-45 minute in-depth survey ensuring that your mold problem will be fixed.

We start out by walking around the suspected problem area or areas with a flashlight to highlight the suspected mold. Our specialists then take moisture readings of the structure, including its walls, floors, and/or ceiling surfaces. It’s important to detect all moisture intrusion.

We also take additional temperature and relative humidity readings to determine if they fall within ASHRAE recommendations. Lastly we provide our clients with an estimate for mold remediation, adhering to industry standards.

At EnviroGreen Boston we are here to help with your mold and air quality needs.
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