How to Rid Your Ductwork of Mice

The fall weather is steadily rolling in and it’s about that time to turn your heating system on. With the cold weather outside, certain animals are going to try and make their way inside your home. Mice are prime suspects to sneak into your home’s ductwork and use it as a pathway to different parts of your home. Avoid becoming infested with mice by stopping them in their tracks.

How to Rid Your Ductwork of Mice

Step 1: Before attempting to confront your mice problem, turn off your heating system. Make sure all of the heating grates have adequately cooled before handling. Proceed to remove all grates.

Step 2: Purchase one mouse trap for every duct opening your home has. Load each trap with food that has a very powerful smell. Sharp cheese, bacon, chocolate, jerky, and peanut butter are all recommended baits to use for mice.

Step 3: Begin to place a loaded trap in each duct of your home. Make sure to touch the short side of the trap that is holding the bait against the wall. Placing the traps inside of the ducts will assure no one in your home accidentally sets off the trap. Proceed to reattach the heating grates and turn the heat back on.

Step 4: Check each trap daily to see if a mouse has been caught. If the food has been knocked over or taken, without a mouse being trapped, replace the food and reset the trap. Once a mouse is trapped, remove the trap and dispose of the mouse in a sealed plastic bag. Be sure to use gloves and sanitize yourself thoroughly. Reset all traps after catching any mice.

Step 5: While the snap traps are ridding your home of mice, check the house itself for entry points. Seal off any holes or cracks big enough for mice to wiggle through. Spackling the wall over a piece of wire mesh is recommended to ensure that mice can not re-enter your home. Roof and wall junctures, door and window frames, and pipes leading out of your home are all common entry points for mice.

Step 6: Repeat this process until all mice have been disposed of.

Avoid using any poisonous traps when ridding your home of mice. Poison may not work instantly and a mouse could die minutes later deep in your home’s ductwork. If you notice any strange smells, your ductwork could be the home to dead rodents and their droppings. Clean out your home’s ductwork system by calling the professionals at EnviroGreen Boston. Not only will we clean your ductwork of dead mice and their droppings, but debris and dust as well. Call (844) 775-7700 to keep your air ducts clean and rodent free!

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