How to Remove Attic Mold

Failing to show your attic maintenance or attention will result in the growth of mold throughout this space. An attic will begin to produce mold when there is a high level of moisture. This can happen when there are roof leaks, faulty insulation, and poor ventilation. Stop the problem as soon as it is discovered without the use of harmful chemicals.

Step 1: Mold can be hazardous to your health so you must take the proper safety precautions. Be sure to put on a breathing mask, goggles, rubber gloves, and a protective safety suit.

Step 2: Clear out the attic by throwing away any items that are affected by the mold. Dispose of these items by sealing them inside of thick garbage bags, as well as any insulation that contains mold. All others items should also be placed in thick garbage bags and taken outside for a separate cleaning.

Step 3: Permanently seal all holes, cracks, and gaps to prevent any leaks or outside moisture from entering the attic. Then lay plastic sheeting on the floor as well as over windows and vents.

Step 4: Next, you will need to dry out the mold in order to prevent the spores from actively spreading. This can be done using a dehumidifier, heater, fans, or all of the above.

Step 5: Fill a spray bottle with water and add a teaspoon of white vinegar or tea tree oil for each cup of water. For a stronger cleaning solution, add one part hydrogen peroxide to every two parts of water. Spray the mold infested area and let it sit for at least an hour.

Step 6: Begin to scrub the sprayed areas with a wire brush. Repeat this process a second time if you feel that it is necessary.

Step 7: Replace any faulty insulation, weatherstrip any leaky windows, and make sure all holes and cracks are sealed. Proceed to refill your attic with your possessions.

Cleaning out an attic with mold can be dangerous, but it is something that needs to be done. When you don’t feel comfortable cleaning these hazardous spores, rely on the professionals at EnviroGreen Boston. Our expert methods and environmentally friendly cleaning materials will clean your attic in a safe and efficient manner. To learn more, or to schedule a free estimate, give us a call at (844) 775-7700.

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