How to Reduce Dust In Your Home

How to Reduce Dust In Your Home

Dust is made up of pretty much anything you can think of; dead skin, pet dander, pollen, dirt, fabric fibers, and anything else broken down into small enough particles. Where can you find dust in your home? If you guessed everywhere, then you are correct! Too much dust in your home can greatly reduce your home’s air quality.

Seize the Dust – The act of dusting is an important part of removing barely visible particles from your home. Using traditional dusters and rags will pick up some dust, but most of it will spread around and lift up into the air. To fully remove dust use a damp rag, a cleaner, or an electrostatic duster. All of these will have a better chance at picking up and fully removing dust particles.

Clean Sheets – You may not realize it, but your bed is a catchall for dust particles. Every time you get in, out, and roll over, dust goes flying. To diminish the high concentration of it from your bedding, wash your sheets, pillowcases, and comforter at least once every two weeks. Remember to slowly roll up your blankets so you don’t stir up a dust tornado.

Shake It Off – Any area rugs, mats, or curtains should be cleaned regularly. While vacuuming does get rid of a substantial amount of dust, the most effective way is to give them a good thwack! First, start off by taking the rug or fabric outside and rigorously shake it. Next, hang it on a fence and hit it multiple times with a broom. Afterward, put it back in your home and go over it once more with the vacuum.

Replace the Filter – Dust can circulate throughout your home while your HVAC system is operating. A furnace filter will capture some of these particles, improving your home’s air quality significantly. For the best results, purchase a high-quality filter and replace it monthly. Not replacing your filter can cause the filter to impede the flow of air in and out of your ducts, thus damaging your system.

Reducing dust in your home is an important part of improving your home’s indoor air quality. Each one of these tips will help you drastically reduce the amount of dust in your home. To limit the amount of dust spread throughout your house you should have the ductwork in your home professionally cleaned. EnviroGreen Boston can take care of that for you! To learn more about professional air duct cleanings head to our website, or give us a call at (844) 775-7700.

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  1. Closets are a dust shelter,full of tiny handloom from clothes, towels and bedding.What's more,every time you open the door,you whip up an imperceptible dust storm.You can't obstruct clothes from shedding fibers,however you can make closets easier to keep clean,which will tremendously eliminate dust.

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