How to Prepare for a House Fire

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House fires are dangerous, destructive, and can happen anytime to any home. In order to avoid putting you or your family at risk, prepare for a fire beforehand. Doing so might prevent injury, or even save your life.

Have a Plan
The worst thing you can do is wait for a house fire to spark and then think about how you’re going to get out of the house. Every person should have a plan of how to exit their home in order to get out as quickly as possible. Create a floor plan of your home with multiple escape routes in case some exits are blocked off.

Preparation Tips

  • Before a fire ignites, practice the escape plan multiple times with other family members or roommates.
  • List the escape routes in order from shortest to longest; practice each one in case some are not feasible.
  • Always feel doorknobs with the back of your hand to see if they are hot. If not, close doors as you leave rooms to slow the spread of the fire.
  • Install your house number on your home and make sure it is visible from the street. This way others can easily call in a fire if they see one.
  • Choose a meeting spot outside of the house that is a safe distance away.
  • Install multiple smoke detectors throughout the house, especially outside of bedrooms to wake everyone during the nighttime.
  • Remove lint from your dryer and its vents routinely to prevent any heat from igniting the lint.

Every person should have a plan in case there is a house fire — no matter what! When you need your dryer’s vents cleaned to prevent house fires, contact the pros at EnviroGreen Boston. To learn more, or to schedule a free estimate, give us a call at (844) 775-7700.

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