How to Keep Air Ducts Clean Between Cleanings


Here at EnviroGreen Boston, we pride ourselves on getting your air ducts spick and span using up-to-date technology. However, you might find yourself wanting to perform maintenance in between professional cleanings. Here’s how to keep air ducts clean between cleanings:

Change Your Filters

The filter within your air duct catches dirt and dust as it travels through your system. It will eventually gather enough debris that it will slow air flow and decrease the efficiency of your system. This can lead to contaminated breathing air in your home! Change your filter every 1-3 months in order to keep air flowing and contaminants out of your house.

Keep Interior Components Clean

It’s also important to clean off the coils, motor, and internal housing on occasion. Again, debris can accumulate on these parts, making your system work harder to push the air through. More importantly, an unclean interior can increase the risk of malfunction.

Taking care of your air duct’s filter and internal components will allow it to operate to its full potential. Moreover, it will increase the lifespan of your air duct system!

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