How to Deal with Animals in the Attic


The ceiling is shaking. There are inexplicable scratching noises from up above. No, it’s not an earthquake. There are creatures in your attic!

Animals seek refuge and build homes in attics often. That’s because attics are rarely visited, usually are filled with clutter, and offer warmth in the winter. But they can also make a huge mess. Here’s how to deal with animals in the attic:

1. Trap them

Squirrels, raccoons, rats, possums and hedgehogs can be trapped and released into the outdoors. This is preferable to poisoning for a couple of reasons. First, poison is dangerous to use. Second, nobody wants to have dead and decaying animals in their attic.

2. Call an expert

If you’re not comfortable setting up a trap, then it’s better left to a professional. Furthermore, some animals — like snakes, bats and termites — require an expert. Otherwise, you’ll just end up with a massive headache!

3. Seal up means of entry

To prevent animals from reentering your home after they’ve been removed, make sure that all points of entry are sealed. You’d be surprised how powerful some animals’ jaws and paws are. Plugging up holes will stop certain animals from breaking back in.

The point is, when there are animals in your attic, you’ve got to kick them out as soon as possible. If you feel like you can’t trap and release a cute and fuzzy animal on your own, then call upon professional animal removal companies for help. Your health and safety depend on it!

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