How Dryer Vents Can Pollute Your Home’s Air


Could dryer vents be polluting your indoor air quality? If they’re clogged and air is failing to properly leave your home, it’s possible.

A backed up dryer vent is known to cause house fires. But few people are aware of the health risks associated with the chemicals that escape dryer vents.

Exposure to certain scented products — like dryer sheets, for example, have been known to “cause irritation of the eyes and airways, contact dermatitis, migraines, and asthmatic reactions, particularly in sensitive individuals,” reports the U.S. National Library of Medicine.

The fragrance given off by laundry products sure smells good, but it could be harming your health. Dr. Anne Steinemann, professor of civil and environmental engineering and public affairs at the University of Washington, shares her disturbing findings on some of the most popular scented laundry products:

  • More than 600 volatile organic compounds (VOCs) were released into the air
  • Two of these VOCs are classified by the EPA as carcinogenic, meaning they’re unsafe at any level of exposure
  • Seven of these VOCs are considered to be “hazardous air pollutants”
What does this mean? For one thing, if you or a family member has a chemical sensitivity, you may want to research natural laundry detergents. 
In terms of improving your indoor air quality, you may also want to have your dryer vents cleaned out. This will allow any toxins to leave your home, instead of entering it. (Although polluting the air outside isn’t recommended, either!)
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