Everything You Need to Know about Crawl Space Insulation


Insulation plays a huge role in keeping your crawl space in optimal condition. There are many different crawl space insulation methods, with sub-floor insulation being the most popular. Unfortunately, we come across poorly-installed sub-floor insulation far too often.

That’s why it’s important for you, the consumer, to be informed. To that end, here’s everything you need to know about crawl space insulation:

Installation methods

Usually, crawl spaces are insulated with standard fiberglass batted insulation, which is placed in the joist cavities. We call this sub-floor insulation. In the Northeast, the insulation must have at least an R-19 rating.

Most codes also now allow insulation to be placed vertically on the foundation walls, as long as it meets the requirements for fire and smoke spread. It’s usually done with a ridged Styrofoam board several inches thick.

In some cases, newer reflective foil insulation is used as a supplement. This helps it achieve the required R values. Some types of this insulation can also serve as a vapor barrier.

Common crawl space insulation problems

There are two common problems that usually need to be corrected:

  1. Insulation is installed upside down
  2. Insulation is not secured correctly

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