Crawl Space Tips for Summer


As summer approaches, you’re probably pulling out the air conditioners and turning on the ceiling fans. But homeowners tend to forget about one very important part of the house — the crawl space.

Crawl Space Tips for Summer

The state of your crawl space can affect the rest of your home. It can make your living space a humid, buggy mess if not properly cared for. With that, here are a few crawl space tips for summer:

1. Close your vents

On hot summer days, having your crawl space open will only allow warm, humid air to enter your home. Keep these vents closed in order to shut out the hot and humid air.

2. Get a dehumidifier 

Is keeping the vents closed just not cutting it? Then you may want to invest in a dehumidifier, which will help reduce crawl space moisture and keep humidity in check.  

3. Have it professionally cleaned

If moisture has already built up within your crawl space, then you probably have a mold problem. We at EnviroGreen Boston specialize in crawl space cleaning, and we even offer a free inspection! Learn more about our crawl space cleaning services here.

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