Common Sources of Attic Mold


Mold can form just about anywhere there’s excess moisture. Dry, properly-ventilated attics, therefore, will not harbor mold. If you’ve stumbled upon attic mold, you’re probably wondering how it got there. Here are some common sources of attic mold:

1. Home humidity

Common Sources of Attic Mold

Humidity in the home is caused by everything from breathing to bathing. Once this moisture rises into your attic, it can become trapped. Water can accumulate on cooler surfaces in your attic, creating the perfect breeding ground for mold.

2. Poor ventilation

It’s one thing if warm, moist air enters your attic. It’s a whole different issue if it can’t escape. A properly-ventilated attic will allow humid air to leave through well-designed vents. This not only prevents mold buildup, but also helps keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

3. Exhaust fans

The exhaust fans in your kitchen and bathroom need to vent outside, not to your attic. Venting exhaust fans into your attic sends moisture straight there every time you cook a meal, take a shower or run a bath.

Now that you understand some common sources of attic mold, you’re probably wondering what to do next.

EnviroGreen Boston can treat your mold problem with an EPA-registered, nontoxic, chemical-free, botanical fungistat and disinfectant that kills 99.99 percent of harmful molds.

Better yet, we offer a one-year warranty against mold re-growth for our attic and crawl space projects when our fungal products are used in conjunction with fixing any moisture problems. If the mold comes back, we will re-treat for FREE!

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