Choosing the Right Furnace Filter

There’s no excuse for having poor indoor air quality, especially when it can lead to illness and respiratory issues. One thing you can do to significantly improve air quality is to replace your furnace filter often. A furnace filter will catch noxious particles and debris from circulating throughout your home. Here’s a look at a few furnace filter options that are available.

Remember: Filters come in different sizes and price points, and are rated on a MERV efficiency scale of 1-20.
Choosing the Right Furnace Filter

  • Fiberglass – This is the most common furnace filter used because of how inexpensive it is. With a price point of around $1-2, it will catch large pieces of debris, dust, and other particles. Fiberglass filters will keep your home’s ductwork, cleaner for longer periods of time. On the other hand, your indoor air won’t improve by much. MERV: 2-3.
  • Pleated – As an upgrade from fiberglass, $4-5 pleated filters will catch even smaller particles, as well as spores and mites. Reducing mold spores can drastically improve the quality of your air and reduce the chance of respiratory illness. The negative for these filters is the thick material that may cause your HVAC system to overwork. MERV: 6.
  • Electrostatic – These self-charging fiber filters are optimal because they will draw the particles towards them. Electrostatic filters are perfect for homes with multiple pets and for those who smoke. With a slightly expensive price of $10, the pricing can become a bit overwhelming if custom sizing is needed. MERV: 10.

  • Electrostatic – Similar to the disposable electrostatic filter, the permanent option will also attract particles to its fibers. Since this option is permanent, it has a removeable filter that can be washed for re-use. The average life for this filter is roughly six to eight years with a price point of around $15-20. Since this is a reusable option, the quality will wear and it will be slightly less effective than its disposable brethren. MERV: 8.
  • High-Efficiency Pleated – Let me introduce you to the king of all filters: the high-efficiency pleated furnace filter! This expensive $100 per year filter is used in certain homes and hospitals. The five inch pleated synthetic cotton catches the smallest of particles and is nestled into a metal grid to prevent air leaks. Those with severe respiratory illness or disease may opt for these filters if their home allows for it. MERV: 14-16.

It is suggested that an air filter be changed according to the furnace’s recommendation, or once a month for optimal results.

The more expensive the filter is, the more particles it can absorb. For those looking to significantly increase the quality of their indoor air, they should opt for a higher quality air filter. While furnace filters do work, the absolute best way to improve indoor air quality is to have your air ducts cleaned. Rely on the experts at EnviroGreen Boston to get the job done! To schedule an appointment or to learn more, call (844) 775-7700 today!

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