Best Ways to Transform Your Basement

Basements tend to be the most underrated room in any house. Why is this so? Most basements are used for storage and not for living in. Refinishing your basement and creating an extra room in the house will not only add value to your home, but will quickly become your new favorite room. Here’s a few ideas to turn your basement into your new hangout spot.

Best Ways to Transform Your Basement

Private Gym

Turning your basement into a private gym can help motivate you to start exercising more frequently. What’s more convenient than walking down the stairs for a quick workout? First things first: measure the height of the ceiling and each machine to make sure everything can fit. If you want to add in a treadmill, make sure it can fit down the stairs and there is enough clearance with you on the treadmill. Throw down some rubber flooring, add some free weights, and you have yourself a home gym! If the dimensions of your house cooperate, this can be a fantastic addition to your home.

Watering Hole
Building your own speakeasy is perfect for those who are constantly hosting parties. You can simply add in the bar countertop and some cabinets, or you can mimic a real bar equipped with a sink, coolers, and other appliances. Either way, stock your shelves with your favorite bottles of alcohol, beer, and snacks. Finish the pub off with some stools, bar games, and fun decorations. The next time you want to go out for a drink, just head downstairs. You’ll save money on tips and cabs!

Personal Home Theater
We all love going to the movies, but wouldn’t the experience be superior if you could lie on your own couches or recliners? By creating your own entertainment room you can have the quality of a movie theater with the relaxation of your living room. If you’re going for quality, be sure to insulate the walls during remodeling for a better sound experience. Make sure to center the television or projection screen in the center of the viewing wall, away from any windows. You can also add surround sound for an optimal audio experience. A room like this will capture the excitement of going to a movie theater, but in the comfort of your own home.

Why waste an entire floor of your home by using it strictly for storage? Make the most out your home’s square footage by finishing your basement and turning it into the best room in your house! Before you have your basement finished, make sure to have it waterproofed. Trust the experts at EnviroGreen Boston to make sure your basement is protected from possible water damage before you start the transformation. Get in touch with us by calling (844) 775-7700 today!

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