Are You Breathing in Mold?


Summer is here which means the air conditioner will be cranking out the cool air. Unfortunately, HVAC systems are susceptible to mold growth within the ductwork. Breathing in air that passes through this mold is not only bad for your home, but it’s also bad for your health.

The Cause of Mold
Humidity is one of the main causes for mold growth in your air ducts. When the air is too moist, the moisture will mix with any dust or dirt to form a layer of mold on the metal surfaces of the ductwork. Another common cause of mold is a lack of insulation around the ductwork. If uninsulated ducts run through the attic or crawl space they can become covered with condensation which is a breeding ground for mold.

Stopping the Mold
The presence of moisture within the air ducts is hard to stop while trying to cool the house. However, you can lower your chances by preventing the buildup of dust and debris. This can be done by changing your air filters monthly. You should also check your ducts for air leaks that can allow the infiltration of dust particles. The combination of giving your A/C unit periods of rest, insulating the ductwork, and preventing particles from entering the ducts can stop the growth of mold.

Cleaning the Mold
You now know how to prevent mold from entering your ductwork, but you might already have an ongoing problem. Removing mold from your air ducts should be done without the use of harsh chemicals because they can not only further lower your home’s air quality, but they can be toxic to breathe in. Non-toxic antimicrobial cleaning solutions are the best option for removing mold from your home’s HVAC system.

Why spend all of your money on an advanced HVAC system if it’s only going to make you sick in the long run? Protect your investment and your health by having your HVAC system professionally cleaned by the experts at EnviroGreen Boston. To learn more, or to schedule a free estimate, give us a call at (844) 775-7700.

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