4 Reasons to Clean Your Crawl Space in 2015


It’s a new year! Isn’t it about time you addressed your home’s crawl space situation? Because of stack effect, this small, often overlooked part of the house can impact the quality if the air you breathe. If your crawl space isn’t properly cared for, everything from mold spores to fecal material could be entering your home. Four reasons to clean your crawl space in 2015:

1. To improve air quality

A clean crawl space makes for better air quality. The natural airflow of your house causes air within your crawl space to be sucked into your home. So if your crawl space is in less-than-optimal conditions, your entire home’s air quality will suffer.

2. To alleviate asthma and other breathing issues

When moisture enters your crawl space, it becomes the ideal environment for mold and mildew. It can grow on wood floors, cardboard boxes, drywall and some forms of insulation. Again, due to stack effect, your crawl space’s air will rise into your home — often taking mold spores, foul odor from decomposition, and fecal matter from dust mites with it. In some cases, this can aggravate breathing problems like asthma as well as other health issues.

3. To expand storage space

With a clean an orderly crawl space, you suddenly have more room for storage! Things you don’t often use (think Christmas decorations) can be kept down in the crawl space instead of taking up valuable real estate in your closets. What’s better than being able to de-clutter your home?

4. To have better access to plumbing and wiring

What’s inside your crawl space? Lots of homeowners don’t know this, but a crawl space often houses pipes and electrical wiring. Cleaning out your crawl space could mean easier access to these areas, which may be hard or costly to get to otherwise.

Make your 2015 New Year’s Resolution to finally clean out that crawl space! EnviroGreen Boston can help. Call us toll-free today at (844) 775-7700. Plus, get more tips by liking us on Facebook and following us on Twitter and Google+.

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