3 Things that Are Located in Your Crawl Space


Crawl spaces are often dirty, smelly and dark. It’s no wonder most people don’t even think about venturing into theirs! However, your crawl space is also an access point that you’ll probably have to get into at one point or another. Here are three things that are located in your crawl space:


Before it’s emptied into the sewage system, your home’s plumbing likely travels through your crawl space. You may not realize it, but these pipes need to be maintained occasionally – especially when the seasons change.

Electrical wiring

Homeowners will often have electrical wiring running across their crawl space’s ceiling and walls. It’s imperative that you check on these thick wires and make sure they are not being chewed apart by rodents and other intruders. Otherwise, your home’s energy could be compromised!


There are vents located throughout your crawlspace to all air in and out. These vents keep your crawl space’s air dry in the summer, helping to “prevent the moisture buildup that encourages mildew and rot,” advises This Old House.

If your crawlspace is unreachable or too dirty too navigate, then call on the experts of EnviroGreen Boston for help. We can clean and transform your crawl space, giving you better access to things like plumbing, electrical wiring and vents. To speak with a technician, dial (844) 775-7700 toll-free today!

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