3 Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Crawl Space


If you’re planning your spring cleaning for 2015, don’t forget the crawl space! Keeping your crawl space clean is especially important in the spring. As temperatures rise, so do moisture and the presence of allergens. 

Having said that, let’s go over three spring cleaning tips for your crawl space;
1. Cut down on moisture
Moisture damage is most common in spring. Don’t allow runoff from winter snow and spring rain to compromise the integrity of your crawl space! If you’re worried about the moisture levels within your crawl space, consider installing a new vapor barrier.
2. Check for mold
Millions of Americans suffer from allergies, aka hay-fever. If allergies are a problem in your home, cleaning your crawl space should be a top priority. That’s because up to 40 percent of the air within your home comes from the crawl space! 
3. Remove clutter
Lots of homeowners use their crawl space for storage. However, all that mess attracts dirt, dust and even pests! Give your crawl space a thorough cleaning and remove any trash that’s accumulated throughout the winter.
You can depend on EnviroGreen Boston to examine your crawl space inside and out.  We will explain the causes of your crawl space problems, what can be done to correct them permanently and provide you with a written estimate.
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