3 Reasons to Improve Attic Ventilation Before Summer


Although we’re more than a month out from the official start of summer, things are already warming up here in the Northeast. In fact, chances are that your attic is already hot and stuffy!

If your attic requires improved ventilation, now’s the time to get it sorted out. Here’s why:

1. To keep your home cool

Attic already heating up? The rest of your home is probably not far behind. An excessively hot attic quickly leads to an uncomfortable home. Proper attic ventilation can help maintain a reasonable temperature throughout your house.

2. To prevent damage

If your attic is poorly ventilated, temperatures could hit up to 140 degrees in the summer. This extreme heat can eventually lead to crumbling shingles and premature aging of your roofing materials. In fact, some shingling companies will void your warranty if your attic ventilation is inadequate!

3. For energy efficiency

If a hot attic makes for a hot home, then your air conditioning is going to have to work really hard to keep you and your family comfortable. Proper attic ventilation can therefore reduce energy costs.

Not sure whether or not your home is properly ventilated? Refer to this guide for pointers.

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